Svenska Whippetklubben, officiell utställning i Byske 16/7 2010

Domare: Susanne Oschinski (Whipcat), Tyskland
Anmälda: vuxna: 29+25, valpar: 0+7
Deltog: vuxna:26+24, valpar: 0+7

BIS Ch Jagodas Grosse Bise
BIM Courtborne Don´t Be Cruel

1. Courtborne Don´t Be Cruel, cert & BIM
2. Ch Carry On Diesel Dream
3. Ch Shahnadir Caliber
4. Tappinskis How To Look Like Daddy
5. Höglias Trollbunden

1. Ch Jagodas Grosse Bise, BIS
2. Ch Tappinskis Friends Forever
3. Wolf Tone Danina, cert
4. SE VCh Play A While Tiimari
5. Tappinskis Famous Flower

Valpklass 4-6 mån. Tikar (7/7)
1. Carry On Speechless, HP
2. Carry On Bubbles, HP
3. Carry On The Girl Is Mine, HP
4. Amaklinjas At Long Last, HP
5. Amaklinjas All Rights Reserved
Carry On Baby Be Mine, oplac.
Carry On Liberian Girl, oplac.

BIS-valp 4-6 mån. Carry On Speechless

Juniorklass Hanar (1/1)
1. Tappinskis How To Look Like Daddy, CK, BH-4

Juniorklass Tikar (2/2)
1. Undimoon Call Me Madam Moon
2. Air-Exhibit Lovely Liza

BIS-junior Tappinskis How To Look Like Daddy

Unghundsklass Hanar (5/5)
1. Höglias Trollbunden, CK, BH-5
2. Play A While A Passage To India
3. Zadiyads Fabergé
Magic Colour Midnight Shadow, 2
Tappinskis Gentleman Of The Year, 2

Unghundsklass Tikar (5/5)
1.Wolf Tone Danina, CK, BT-3, cert
2. Zadiyads Förtiosjuelva, CK
3. Zadiyads Femme, CK
4. Wolf Tone Dearest One, HP
5. Play A While Pippington Park, HP

BIS-unghund Wolf Tone Danina
BIM-unghund Höglias Trollbunden

Bruksklass Hanar (2/2)
1. Courtborne Jokers-Elrohir
Air-Exhibit Handsome Hero, 2

Bruksklass Tikar (3/3)
1. Carry On Roxy, CK
2. Amaklinjas Crazy In Love, CK
3. Shahnadir Orientexpressen

BIS-bruks Carry On Roxy

Öppenklass Hanar (11/9)
1. Courtborne Don't Be Cruel, CK, BH-1, cert, BIM
2. Shahnadir Calimero, CK
3. Shahnadir Nordpilen
4. Trollsångens Alfonso d´Aragona
5. Air-Exhibit Joyous Jaqimo
Air-Exhibit Heartily Harley, 2
Amaklinjas Silent Honor, 2
Carry On Qvicksilver, 2
Zadiyads Ferarri, 2
Best-Looking Brooklyn, deltog ej
Tappinskis Blimey What A Blotch, deltog ej.

Öppenklass Tikar (9/8)
1. SE VCh Play A While Tiimari, CK, BT-4
2. Tappinskis Famous Flower, CK BT-5
3. Aaniston A Parade Of Shoes, CK
4. Carry On Panthera, CK
5. Air-Exhibit Janice Joplin, CK
Air-Exhibit Kessie Kiana, 1
Foxys Qaramell, 1
Zadiyads Fidji, 1
Mossbawnhill Dream On, deltog ej

Championklass Hanar (6/5)
1. Ch Carry On Diesel Dream, CK, BH-2
2. Ch Shahnadir Caliber, CK, BH-3
3. Ch Aaniston Afternoons And Coffespoons, CK
4. Ch Shahnadir Caliente, CK
5. Ch SE LCCh SE VCh Swaara Grains Of Sand, CK
Ch Tappinskis French Fashion, deltog ej

Championklass Tikar (5/5)
1. Ch Jagodas Grosse Bise, CK, BT-1, BIS
2. Ch Tappinskis Friends Forever, CK, BT-2
3. Ch Carry On Carizma, CK
4. Ch Amaklinjas Special Delivery, CK
5. Ch Undimoon Mad Madam Mim, CK

Veteranklass Hanar (4/4)
1. Ch Carry On Lonely-Hearts Racketeer, CK
2. Per-Mobile Ace For Action, HP
3. Ch Accent´s Non Stop Express
3. SE VCh Seflidos Bror

Veteranklass Tikar (1/1)
1. Ch Accent´s Nice So Nice, HP

BIS-veteran Ch Carry On Lonely-Hearts Racketeer
BIM-veteran Ch Accent´s Nice So Nice

BIS-parklass (1/1): Air-Exhibit Janice Joplin & Air-Exhibit Lovely Liza.

BIS-generationsklass (1/1): Ch Accent´s Nice So Nice,
Ch Amaklinjas Special Delivery & Amaklinjas All Rights Reserved.

BIS-avelskalss (6/1): Ch Carry On Diesel Dream: Ch Shahnadir Caliber, Shahnadir Calimero, Tappinskis Famous Flower, Ch Tappinskis Friends Forever.

BIS-uppfödare (5/5): Kennel Tappinskis: Tappinskis How To Look Like Daddy, Tappinskis Gentleman Of The Year, Ch Tappinskis Friends Forever, Tappinskis Famous Flower.

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