Svenska Whippetklubben - Tång Hed Officiell utställning 2021-09-19

Domare valpar: Jonas Wiborg, Sverige

Domare hanar: Agneta Kappers (kennel Kapriol), Sverige

Domare tikar samt BIS: Pamela Hunter (kennel Mossbawnhill), Nordirland

Anm: 98 (35+63) Delt: 92 (32+60) Valpar anm: 45 (17 + 28) Delt: 39 (14 + 25)

BIS BIM TangaHed 20210919
BIS Carry On Million Reasons

BIM Age Quod Agis Clash Of The Titans

Valp 4-6 mån hanar (8)

1. HP Minjimba Ridge Silver Rock [BIM valp 4-6 mån]

2. HP Skräddaregårdens Xante Zanzibar

3. HP Skräddaregårdens Viljas Aragon

4. HP Minjimba Ridge Silver Magic

5. HP Skräddaregårdens Viljas Alvin

Bromstick Racing Briioni

Minjimba Ridge Silver Secret

Whippmix Are You Ready

Valp 4-6 mån tikar (14)

1. HP Softouch Turn Loose The Mermaids,[BIS 4-6 mån]

2. HP Carry On Duchesse de Nemours

3. HP Skräddaregårdens Xante Zalza

4. HP Minjimba Ridge Silver Sunrise

5. HP Minjimba Ridge Silver Chilli

Cocoliso Mary Poppins

Gold Dust Cristal Cuvée

Gold Dust Prosecco Mionetto

Gold Dust Tainted Love

Hopway Shooting Star

Quidditch Twenty Four Carat Gold

Skräddaregårdens Xante Zaffran

Tajmahal Paloma Picasso

Whippmix One Last Breath

Valp 6-9 mån hanar (6)

1. HP Wolf Tone Casper, [BIM valp 6-9 mån]

2. HP Twyborn Flip'´n Fly

3. HP Magic Colour Fields Of Dreams

4. Noritzas King Creole

5. Biden

Magic Colour Fields Of Poetry

Valp 6-9 mån tikar (11)

1. HP Twyborn Butterfly Flip [BIS valp 6-9 mån]

2. HP Magic Colour Shape Of Glory

3. HP Wolf Tone Caroline

4. HP Magic Colour Fields Of Heaven
5. HP Bellsweets Pearl Avalanche

Gläntansväsen Cloéé

Redcliffe's Edine

Sunwhipps I Came For The Applause

Whoonehults Billie Jean

Whoonehults You Rock My World

Zelig All Heads Turn

Juniorklass hanar (13)

EXC-1 CK BH4 Khalibadh Famous Grouse [BIS junior]

EXC-2 CK Frontrunner's Nights In White Satin

EXC-3 CK Oh My Heart Onychinus

EXC-4 CK Chase Me Trick Or Treat

EXC Carry On Doc

EXC Dixietown Landsortsgrabb

EXC House Of Cards My Ace Of Spades

EXC House Of Cards My Jack Of Spades

EXC House Of Cards My King Of Spades

EXC Nota's Crew Careless

EXC Whoonehults Don't Stop Me Now

VG Camyrra's Elder Scrolls

VG Gold Dust Prosecco Biscardo

Unghundsklass hanar (3)

EXC-1 CK Sobresalto Nessun Dorma [BIM unghund]

EXC-2 Minjimba Ridge Bone Crusher 

VG-3 Miraqulix Ll Exceptional

Öppenklass hanar (18)

EXC-1 CK BH1 CERT Age Quod Agis Clash Of The Titans [BIM] Champion

EXC-2 CK BH2 R-CERT Skräddaregårdens Viljas Yabadabado

EXC-3 CK BH3 Wolf Tone Atlas

EXC-4 CK Zelig My Kinsman

EXC Aaniston Come Upstairs

EXC Adagio Macaroon Hex

EXC Casadis Blue Sky

EXC Casadis Sparkling Galaxy

EXC Hot Isle Vasco Da Gama

EXC Jalessas Blue Moon

EXC Jalessas Excelsior

EXC Tappinskis Yes Yes

EXC Whippmix Livet Är En Fest

VG Age Quod Agis Lord Of The Rings

VG Bellsweets Love Me Tender

VG Bromstick Racing Armanii

VG Softouch No Lookin' Back

VG Whoonehults Piece Of My Heart

KEP Play A While Strait Of Dover

Championklass hanar (3)

EXC-1 CK Ch Allettes Irish Mist Drambuie

EXC-2 CK Ch Softouch Guess Who

EXC-3 Ch Jalessas Do You Love Me

Veteranklass hanar (3)

EXC-1 CK Ch Twyborn Glory Hallelujah [BIS Veteran]

EXC-2 CK Valanti Visa Vid Vindens Ängar

EXC-3 Ch Adagio Olive Drab

Juniorklass tikar (10)

EXC-1 CK Starry's Karamell [BIM-junior]

EXC-2 CK Honeysuckle Rose Idealist

EXC-3 CK BT3 Twyborn Something Royal

EXC-4 Gold Dust Clueless Blonde

EXC Alfadisar Blåsippa

EXC Camyrra's Skyrim

VG Bromstick Racing Roxsanda

VG Courtborne Bubble

VG Delaklin's Can You Love Me

VG House Of Cards My Queen Of Spades

Unghundsklass tikar (13) 

EXC-1 CK BT2 R-CERT Carry On La Chica Sola [BIS Unghund]

EXC-2 CK Nota's Crew Flawless

EXC-3 Minjimba Ridge Gentle Sea Breeze

EXC-4 Minjimba Ridge Margaritha

EXC Dixietown Konfettiregn

EXC Gläntansväsen Aura

EXC Gläntansväsen Trattkantarell

EXC Jalessas Santa Monica
EXC Sobresalto Next Top Model

EXC Vg's Nosar Queen Of Diamonds

VG Albicans Up And Away

VG Camyrra's Queen Of Sorcery

VG Cocoliso China Girl

Öppenklass tikar (27)

EXC-1 CK BT1 CERT Carry On Million Reasons [BIS]

EXC-2 CK BT4 Jalessas Holy Grail

EXC-3 CK Domeldini Kite

EXC-4 CK Softouch Never A Dull Moment

EXC Bromstick Racing Praada

EXC Camyrra's Shining Ones

EXC Collooney Candy Coated Pasharif

EXC Gold Dust Prosecco La Robinia

EXC Jalessas Holy Moly

EXC Macawe Man's Best Friend

EXC Magic Colour Sugar Love

EXC Play A While Trivselvänligt

EXC Proud Pink Whipchic Tuva

EXC Skräddaregårdens Viljas Yoga

EXC Southpoint Flawless
EXC Starry's Iris

EXC Tajmahal Marshmallow

EXC Tajmahal Never Been Kissed

EXC Twin Hills Naomi

EXC Tårtan

EXC Whippmix Lägg Av

EXC Wolf Tone Emma

EXC Wolf Tone Esmeralda

EXC Zelig Feathertop

VG Adagio Lavender And Lace

VG Bromstick Racing Tiffani

VG Carry On Nothing Really Matters

Championklass Tikar (4)

EXC-1 CK Ch Magic Colour Sugar Candy

EXC-2 CK Ch Whippmix Ring Of Fire

EXC-3 Ch Twyborn Mahogany

EXC- 4 Skräddaregårdens Qantarell Xanté

Veteranklass tikar (3)

EXC-1 CK Ch Twyborn Isabelle Riviére [BIM Veteran]

EXC-2 Grybydals Victoria 

VG-3 Ch Delaklin's Take Me

Avelsklass (2)

1. HP Twin Hills Naomi [BIS-avel]

2. HP Valanti Märk Hur Vår Skugga

Uppfödargrupp (3)

1. HP Kennel arry On [BIS-uppfödargrupp]

2. HP Kennel Bromstick Racing

3 HP Kennel Camyra’s

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