Swedish Whippet Club's puppy guidance

Our person for puppy guidance and rehoming dogs is:

Elisabeth M. Flygar
Phone +46 70-494 71 49

Rules for puppy guidance

Valid from 20110110

All members in The Swedish Whippet Club has to follow The Swedish KEnnel Club rules.


  • Has to be a member in The Swedish Whippet Club.
  • Has to buy a membership to each customer of their puppies (who is not already a member).
  • Can only get guidance for two litters each year.


  • Has to be at least 22 months when mated.
  • Has at least VG (very good) at a show.
  • Can only get puppy guidance for three litters.


  • Has at least VG (very good) at a show
  • Can only get guidance for five litters each year.


  • Inbreeding % has to be announced.
  • Can not be a mating between half siblings.

SW payments

IBAN SE50 9500 0099 6018 4156 1572

Nordea Bank
SE-105 73 Stockholm, Sweden

PayPal kassor@whippetklubben.nu
Add 20: - SEK for each payment (PayPal fee)

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