Svenska Whippetklubbens Inofficiella Riksutställning på Strömsholm 2019-07-26
Domare: Joanne Boudreault, Kanada. Kennel ForGetMeNot Whippets

Anm.: 166 (57+109) Delt.: 159 (56+102) Valpar: Anm. 31 (11+20) Delt.: 28 (9+19)]

2019 01 Stromsholm BIS BIS BIM
Allettes Irish Mish Dramuie

BIM: Barnesmore Silver Bells

2019 02 Stromsholm BH1 5
Bästa hane

BH1 Allettes Irish Mist Drambuie (Ukl) [BIS]

BH2 Ch Softouch Guess Who (Chkl)

BH3 Oscarberg Chillastick (Ökl)

BH4 Ch Signum Boston (Sen)

BH5 Diva-Or-Tel’s John Alden (Jkl)

2019 03 Stromsholm BT1 5
Bästa tik

BT1 Barnesmore Silver Bells [BIM]

BT2 Cantate Domino Tebaldi (Ukl)

BT3 Ch Play A While A Story Set In Motion (Chkl)

BT4 Courtborne Leia Organa (Ukl)

BT5 Sobresalto Just Play It Like Sexy (Jkl)

Hanar valpklass 4-6 mån (3).

1. Allettes Crystal Barakiel

2. Bellsweets Blue Valentine

3. Casadis Sparkling Galaxy

Hanar valpklass 6-9 mån (7).

1. HP Softouch No Lookin' Back [BIM valp 6-9 mån]

2. HP Courtborne Romeo

3. Villwhip's Dream Of Shottii

4. Burnt Sienna Ascari

5. Bellzelius Nico Del Rey

Nemaz Problemaz Baa Baa Black Sheep

Pompeca’s Second Cherryboy

Hanar juniorklass (6)

1. UK, BH5 Diva-Or-Tel's John Alden [BIM-Junior]

2. UK Mac Bells Need No Introduction

3. UK Aaniston Hey I Know You

4. HP Mac Bells Naughty But Nice

5. HP Courtborne Jung-Su

Zelig My Konsman

2019 07 Stromsholm BIS BIS Unghund
Hanar unghundsklass (8)

1. UK, BH1 Allettes Irish Mist Drambuie [BIS-Unghund, BIS]

2. UK Jalessas Excelsior

3. HP Signum As-Tu Deja Aime

4. Aaniston Come Upstairs

5. Blazing Key Berry Pomeroy Castle

Burnt Sienna Journey

Burnt Sienna Open Arms

Jalessas Blue Moon

Hanar Bruksklass (8)

1. UK Inner Circles Glow After Dark [BIM-Bruks]

2. UK Barolito's Alserio By Milan

3. Chase Me Eddie Vedder

4. Burnt Sienna Brochant

5. Pompeca's Broken Diamond Quarry

LCCH Jalessas Dry My Soul

LCCH Pompeca’s Ocean Blue Pearl

LCCH Springeldens Mandelkubb

Hanar Öppenklass (13)

1. UK, BH3 Oscarberg Chillastic

2. UK Nemaz Problemaz Big Bad Wolf

3. HP Aaniston Available At Nine

4. HP Mac Bells Lucky Luciano

5. HP Play A While Strait Of Dover

Courtborne Lando

Dog Power’s Buttercup

Fennaur kalle På Sprången

Komoseoss Asiklium Of Sam

VCh Noggerdog’s Lagerkrants

Pendahr Cinema Paradiso

Xploring Ticket To Ride

Zelig obed Marsh

Hanar Championklass (17)

1. UK, BH2 Ch Softouch Guess Who

2. UK Ch Adagio Shimmering Blue

3. UK Ch Siprex Storm, UK

4. UK Ch C'mere Oz The Great

5. UK Ch Purple Rain Da Roseira Brava

UK Ch Allettes Ruz Olive Musk

UK Ch Surreyhillmariner Hoptical Illusion

UK Ch Twyborn The Countryman

UK Ch Zelig Love O'love.

Ch Adagio Olive Drab

Ch Allettes Melroy Buckey Racing

Ch Burnt Sienna Piano

Ch Courtborne Sheldon

Ch Jalessas Do You Love Me

Ch Whoptails Perfect Match

Ch Xploring Calling Elvis

Ch Zelig Prince Of Peace

2019 09 Stromsholm BIS BIS Senior
Hanar Seniorklass (3)

1. UK, BH4 Ch Signum Boston [BIS-Senior]

2. Ch Twyborn Fibrio Gold

3. Ch Twyborn Glory Hallelujah

2019 04 Stromsholm BIS BIS Valp4 6
Tikar valpklass 4-6 mån (8).

1. HP Triodames Brexit [BIS-Valp 4-6 mån]

2. HP Triodames Breeze

3. HP Dog Power's Snorkfröken

4. HP Dog Power's Mårran

5. HP Hopway Shake The Ground

HP Whippmix Lägg Av

Bromstick Racing Chanelle

Dog Power’s Lilla My

2019 05 Stromsholm BIS BIS Valp6 9
Tikar valpklass 6-9 mån (11).

1. Bellzelius Luna de La Reina, HP [BIS Valp 6-9 mån]

2. Softouch Never A Dull Moment, HP

3. Whipstride Brilliant Bailee, HP

4. Magic Colour Blond Sail, HP

5. Pompeca's Second Mumbolina, HP

HP Seamus New Year Diamond

Carry on Nothing Really Matters

Carry On Winter’s Tale

Magic Colour Sail By The Stars

Pompeca’s Second Meidolina

Pompeca’s Second Mysolina

2019 06 Stromsholm BIS BIS JuniorTikar Juniorklass (17)

1. UK, BT5 Sobresalto Just Play It Like Sexy [BIS jJunior]

2. UK Villwhip's Hometown Glory

3. UK Zaraque's Miracle Of Northern Light

4. UK Courtborne Mi-Cha

5. UK Cantate Domino Bartoli

HP Aaniston More Than This

HP Allfirdas Annie Oakley

HP Mac Bells Need I Say More

HP Mac Bells No Room To Swing A Cat

HP Signum Je T'Aime

HP Southpoint Flawless

HP Villwhip's All I Ask

HP Zelig Twice-Told Tales.

Barolito’s Belleville By Ketch

Play A While Lady’s Maid

Tajmahal Never Been Kissed

Vilwhip’s Hometown Glory

Tikar Unghundsklass (21)

1. UK, BT2 Cantate Domino Tebaldi [BIM Unghund]

2. UK, BT4 Courtborne Leia Organ

3. UK Undimoon Desdemona, UK

4. UK Bellzelius You Are The One, UK

5. UK Jalessas Moon Of Baroda, UK

HP Blazing Keys Beestone Castle

HP Dogarium Sea

HP Falconcrag Next Top Model

HP Jalessas Incomparable

HP Nemaz Problemaz Bitter N Sweet

HP Signum Les Chansos d'Amour

HP Tappinskis Yeah Yeah

HP Triodames Arietta

HP Undimoon Ophelia

Gemstone Claudia’s Allium Floor 

Hopway No Better Place

Magic Colour Lightning Streak

Signum Aime Moi Toujours

Triodames A Cappella

Undimoon Vega

Xploring Covent Garden

2019 08 Stromsholm BIS BIS Bruks
Tikar Bruksklass (9)

1. UK Jalessas I Choose You [BIS Bruks]

2. UK Siprex Olea

3. UK Pompeca's Close To Turmalin Quarry

4. HP Jalessas Amarula Tree

5. HP Pompeca's Mumlans First Black Love

HP Jalessas Cersei

Casargo Favorite

Chase Me Luna

Pompeca’s Forever Love To Meide

Tikar Öppenklass (31)

1. UK, BT1 Barnesmore Silver Bells [BIM]

2. UK Komoseoss Aestrium Of Sam

3. UK Kathstone's Adorable And Remarkable

4. HP Xploring Suspicious Minds

5. HP Adagio Wotalotigot

HP Adagio Dawn To Dark

HP Antheartica's Water And A Flame

HP Casargo Fatima

HP Courtborne Aprilia

HP Golden Whips Silence Pink Puma

HP LCCh Jalessas Darling

HP Komoseoss Atensium Of Sam

HP Mac Bells La Vie En Rose

HP Medali Playing By The Rules

HP Nemaz Problemaz Fox Lil Fox

HP Pompeca's Blue Sapphire Quarry

HP Softouch Indianola

HP Twin Hills Naomi

HP Whiptails Just One Kiss

Barolito’s Aquaseria By Milan

Carry On Twice Double You

Grybdals Victoria

Magic Colour Love Me Cowboy

Softouch Island Lake

Tajmahal Kola

Tajmahal Marshmallow

Tappinkis Up To Me

Tappinskis Very Much Of All

Tappinskis Xtra Ordinary Girl

Twyborn Marcella

Twyborn Sharifa Asma

Tikar Championklass(14)

1. UK, BT3 Ch Play A While A Story Set In Motion

2. UK Ch Snow Hill After Midnight

3. UK Ch Bellsweets If I Can Dream

4. UK Ch Courtborne Sagittarius

5. HP Ch Softouch Girl Next Door

HP Ch Proud Mary Da Roseira Brava

HP Ch Twyborn Isabella Riviere

HP Ch Twyborn Mahogany

HP Ch Tylko Ty Rook.

Ch Allettes Herb Ladys Mantle

Ch Allettes Royal La Donna

Ch C’Mere Vanilla Caramel

Ch Twin Hills Princess Calma

Ch Zaraque’s Lunar Eclipse

Tikar Seniorklass (6)

1. HP Ch Khalibadh Vinterstorm [BIM Senior]

2. HP Ch Courtborne Hera

3. Inner Circles Design For Run

4. Ch Magic Colour Cyber Babe

5. Carry On Stranger In Moscow

Ch Fornix Jonna

2019 10 Stromsholm BIS BIS Veteran
Tikar Veteranklass (4)

1. UK Ch Mac Bells Hold Your Horses [BIS Veteran]

2. HP Ch Xploring Going Bananas

3. Tajmahal Use To Be My Girl

4. Pompeca's Countess Shannon O'connor

Avelsklasser (3)

1. HP Ch Mac Bells Karat Black Streak [BIS-avel]

2. HP Ch Twyborn Big Ben

3. HP LCCh Pompeca's G Girl Close To Mumma

Uppfödarklass (7)

1. HP Jalessas [BIS-uppfödare]

2. HP Twyborn,

3. HP Adagio

4. HP Softouch

5. HP Allettes



Generationsklass (2)

1. Ch Xploring Going Bananas, Ch Xploring Calling Elvis, Ch Bellsweets If I Can Dream. [BIS-generation]

2. Pompeca’s G Girl Close To Mumma, Pompeca’s Dorever Love To Meide, Pompeca’s Second Mumbolina

Parklass (8)

1. Surreyhillmariner Hoptical Illusion och Mac Bells Vie En Rose

Nemaz Problemaz BigBada Boom och Nemaz Problemaz Round N Round

Allettes Ruz Olive Musk och Sunwhipps I’m The One

Undimoon Desdemona och Undimoon Ophelia

Pompeca’s Close To Turmalin Quarry och Pompeca’s Second Mumbolina

Pompeca’s Forever Love To Meide och Pompeca’s Blue Ocean Pearl

Pompeca’s Blue Sapphire Quarry och Pompeca’s G Girl Close To Mumma

Carry On Winter’s Tale och Carry On Nothings Really Matters

Specialklasser fredag, domare Annette Stone, Kennel Khalibadh

Barn med hund

1. Liris

2. Elsa

2. Olivia

Junior handling

1. Kendra Winder

2. Caroline Winther

2. Sofia Berg

Bästa huvud – hane

1. Surreyhillmariner Hoptical Illusion

Bästa huvud – tik

1. Jalessas Moon Of Baroda

Bästa rörelser – hane

1. Jalessas Exelsior

Bästa rörelser – tik

1. Bellsweets Vesper

Specialklasser lördag, domare Inger Andersson, Kennel Shahnadir

Junior handling

1. Caroline Winther

Bästa huvud – hane

1. Surreyhillmariner Hoptical Illusion

Bästa huvud – tik

1. Blazing Keys Beestone Castle

Bästa rörelser – hane

1. Jalessas Blue Moon

Bästa rörelser – tik

1. Undimoon Desdemona

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